The Jackeez Story

Where did we get the Idea for Jackeez:

To be honest, it began with an article in Time Magazine about Etsy. I was so inspired by the idea that people were selling home made crafts online, all over the country and even the world, and starting their own micro-industries and earning a living they never thought possible.

I thought, Wow! Someone should do that with food producers and farmers. I mentioned it to my daughter, who thought it was a terrific idea (not many ideas I pass by my daughter get the seal of approval, I can assure you), so I decided to approach my husband, Richard, with the idea saying something like “don’t you think someone should do this with food?”

His response was an overwhelming assertion that we would be The Someone to do this. We love food. We live for food. Richard lives to cook. He reads a cookbook like a novel. He dreams of sourcing the next new ingredient that no one has heard of yet. We have lots of friends who are farmers, foragers, gardeners, and artisan food producers. It was a natural thing to do. Next day he was on the phone making appointments with web designers ….and the next thing we knew, we were beginning a new business.

Then we met Nick. Well, we knew Nick socially already but had only recently found out what he did for a living-he was a computer/tech guru. So we met to discuss our idea, and would he be interested in helping us build the website. How does one begin to build and design a website? Could we do it? Nick, like us, loves to cook, eat, and talk about food, and he really believed in what we were proposing to create. Next thing we knew, he was offering to exchange serious sweat equity for Jackeez equity, and we had a new partner.

Where did we get the Jackeez name?

During a dinner one evening, quite innocently Richard informed me after many years, that his mother was very disappointed that we didn’t name our first child after his grandfather, Jack, who was his best friend and mentor for many years until his passing. So, one long car drive later, and I came upon the idea of naming our first born business after Grandpa Jack, and Jackeez was born.


Where did we get our first vendors?

Well, that’s a trade secret. But, we can tell you that they came with a lot of hard work, dedication, and ingenuity. Our first vendors are truly pioneers, as we all are, because we hope Jackeez will be the start of something truly amazing – changing the way people eat, the way we buy and sell food, the way we produce food – and we hope that revolutionizes everything.

Have other questions about us? Just email us anytime, and we’ll be happy to answer.

The Jackeez Team